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Interaction Design

Interaction Design (IxD) defines the structure and behavior of systems. Where UX focuses on the whole product focuses IxD on the interactions that the end-user must perform.

UX Design

The art of User Experience Design is to define the structure and behavior of interactive systems. It strives to create meaningful relationships between people, products and services.

Visual Design

Visual design is vital for the end-result. Tools I use are: Sketch, Invision, Adobe Suite - Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.

Design strategy

Design strategy requires a careful blend of business strategy and UX design. It's not only about designing but also how to sell it to the business. It often requires political sensitivity.

User testing

It's not the designer that decides, but the people who use it. I have experience with small- and big user tests. From writing scenario's, interviewing techniques to build a UX lab from scratch.


Search engine optimisation are techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of search engine.

Different roles

As a freelance UX designer, I’ve spent many years designing experiences for large companies in the banking and insurance sector. I helped building innovative departments where term UX wasn’t even known. I did this in various roles as ux manager, consultant, sr ux-designer, etcetera. As a consultant I’m helping clients identify their business objectives and users’ motivations. I work with them to design high-level and low-level experiences and user flows that make sense.

Current position

Currently I’m working for UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) and is commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) to implement employee insurances and provide labour market and data services. UX and product design consulting might include: user research to determine user personas and use cases, identify pain points in existing UIs and workflows, creating user flows and high-level information architecture, wireframes, prototypes and usability testing.


"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works." - steve jobs


UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) is an autonomous administrative authority (ZBO) and is commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) to implement employee insurances and provide labour market and data services. The Dutch Read more…



I helped Aegon in the transition from  their old website  to a new intuitive and more responsive website. I worked on defining patterns ,describing these in a styleguide as well as other tasks related to visual design on open and closed domains as well Read more…


Guidelines + Styleguides

Styleguides are a necessary tool for building and designing software and allow for cooperation between different disciplines. This image is part of the styleguide we developed for ABN AMRO. I also worked on the styleguide for Atos, UWV and Aegon.



I worked at ABN AMRO bank on various projects. One of them was being responsible for the look & feel of the corporate website and to make it responsive.


Virtual / Augmented reality

Playmax Group exists of Virtual Reality experts from different backgrounds where I’m a part of. We are focussing on the scientific aspect of Virtual- and Augmented reality as wel as corporate solutions. Virtual reality is Read more…


Tooling: Axure

I have worked with Axure, one of the standard prototyping tools today. I have included a part of an article on the pro’s and con’s of this tool. Pros The drag and drop interface and elements provides for quick and easy Read more…



Dashboards are used on all kinds of devices to give a quick  overview on a current process or situation. This was a mockup-dashboard for the reception hall at ABN AMRO headoffice at the Zuidas showing the energy efficiency Read more…


Bethmann Bank

During my time at ABN AMRO I work for different sub-organisations of the bank such as Bethmann Bank. I was responsible for aligning their partner sites with one template while maintaining their own unique identities-quite a challenge-especially working across different countries Read more…



One of the mistakes UX-ers often make is to go straight to digital which imposes boundaries straightway. Begin with your creative side- draw it on paper till you have a good draft of what you want to do. Starting by imagining. Read more…

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I'm available for parttime jobs.
I have a broad technical background where I studied: Network Engineering, Application Development and ended with a master with my big passion; Interaction design. My working experience (as consultant) is mainly in large corporates such as government or the banking and insurances industries.